Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Gift for Anna - 3 in 1!

First, I made an envelope from an old calendar - two cute kittens playing :)

The front of the card.  The cardstock is leftover from my wedding invitations, the corner punch from my MIL, the letter stickers from a scrapbooking kit I purchased when I went to Alaska on a cruise, and the flower picture is actually from a promotional flyer that I thought was really pretty!

The first fold of the card.  More of the promotional flyer, decorated with stars, circles, and flowers fastened with brads.  I kind of went brad crazy on this card - 15 of them!  The decorations are mine, the brads from a friend.  The quote is from a friendship calendar I received from a friend a few years back.

Aww :)  More cruise ship stickers, decorations and my friend's brads.

The last fold of the card has a flower from the friendship calendar I got the quote from, and room for a personal message.

I didn't want to waste any of the pretty promotional card so I used the remainder on the back. 

And here is her gift!  The pattern is "Bernard the Fox"  except she wanted it black (I'm pretty sure!), so black it was.

I definitely have some learning to do with my amigurumi.  Apparently I'm not making the stitches tight enough and that is why the stuffing shows through.  At least this one just makes him look like he has spots!  The really cool thing about the legs is that they have pipe cleaner inside of them and they are bendable, so you can make different poses!  Neat :)

Bernard taking a nap - *yawn*  Wish I could join him!!  Happy Wednesday everyone... <3 JEM

Monday, October 24, 2011

And the winner is....

Thanks to everyone who voted and gave feedback on the sample business cards!  I have decided to take the majority vote - which is Number 3!

And now for the random winner - - - Katia W!!  Congrats, Kat!  You will receive a custom greeting card made by moi...

Have a great day :)  JEM

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vote for Your Favorite Business Card!!

Hello everyone!  Hope you're all enjoying your Saturday!  I've decided that I should include a business card with the products I make for people.. You know, garner more business?  Yes, garner.  Look it up :)  Anyway, I would love it if you would place a vote for your favorite design!  This is #1.

Business card #2.  If there is something you like about a certain design as well, but think it needs some improvement, please let me know.  I'm always open for suggestions!

Business card #3.  To hopefully stimulate audience participation, I've decided to make this into a bit of a contest!  If you leave a comment, a winner will be chosen at random at the end of Sunday, October 23rd.  You will receive a handmade card by me!  Hopefully that is something desirable ;)  Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Braided Forest

This cowl took me a couple months to make.  It's 4 separate braids that are tacked together at regular intervals, and then joined at the back for a seam.  I got the yarn on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC.  Each little fold of braid took me 1/2 hour, and there is about 50 of them, so that was quite a lot of time!

If I did this project again, I would probably do fewer braids to make it a little more snug around my neck, and use only one color, but it's still pretty nice.

Here's a closeup for you to enjoy!  Happy Thanksgiving!! <3 JEM