Friday, August 31, 2012


Hello everyone!  Happy Long Weekend to you!  We recently passed the one year mark in our place, and felt that we needed to make a better effort at getting to know our neighbours.  So of course I found it necessary to make cute little invitations with our contact information when we went to meet people.  The blue and darker cream cardstock is from Michael's, the lighter cream is from notebook dividers I had.  The ribbon is from my mom, the animal stamps and ink from Stampin' Up and the lettering is from Michael's.

I cleverly concealed the end of the ribbon with one of my labels (with some shameless advertising, of course!).  So far we have had our neighbour across the hall for a visit, and we are looking forward to getting to know the rest!  I still remember when we first moved to this town and our neighbour brought over a handmade card and cookies - it really meant a lot.  I'm hoping to spread that love and hospitality around :)  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  <3 JEM

Saturday, August 18, 2012

July Creations

So this is what I was busy with in the month of July!  First up was my SIL's wedding anniversary.  The blue cardstock is from our wedding photo display, and the white is from a friend.  The stamps, ink, and pearls are from Stampin' Up.  I'm pretty sure that I embossed the red design on there (but it's been a while and all I have is a picture!).  The ribbon is from my mom.

The stamps used on the inside I found at Scrapbooker's Paradise and the punch is from SU.

This card was for the lady who got me into stamping in the first place!  Blue cardstock is once again from our wedding photo display, and the leopard print is from a bag I got.  The other cardstock is either from Michael's or recycled tab dividers from a Grade 8 cookbook.  The circle punch was from a friend, and the flower punch from Stampin' Up.

All these stamps were mine from a while back.  I think I got them at Michael's.

I gave this card to my aunt.  The blue cardstock is from our wedding photo display, the cream from Michael's, and the floral from a friend.  This ribbon, punch, ink, and stamp are from Stampin' Up.

This card was for my uncle.  The photo doesn't show the color well, but it is olive green, white, and brown.  The brown cardstock is from our wedding photo display, and the patterned piece is from a choir concert program I went to last year.  The punch is from Stampin' Up.

The punch I used fro the inside of the card is from Stampin' Up.

This card was for my hubby's uncle.  The brown cardstock is once again from our wedding photo display, and the other cardstock is probably from my friend.  The ink, punch, and stamps are from Stampin' Up.

This card was for hubby's cousin.  The cardstock is from Michael's, and the pink/white is from my cousin's wedding favors.  The flower stamp and punch is from Stampin' Up, and the other stamps I got at Scrapbooker's Paradise.

The pink inside is from my cousin's wedding invitation, the white paper doily is from my mom, and the buttons were from a blouse I never made.

This last card was for my cousin.  The cardstock is from our wedding photo display, and the cream is from Michael's.  The stamps, punch, ink, embossing powder, and brad are all from Stampin' Up.

Hope you enjoyed the cards, and are enjoying your Saturday.  My hubby is at work right now, so I just had to kill a spider by myself (he's really proud of me :D).  How are you spending the rest of your weekend?  <3 JEM

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Holy moly - it's been more than a month since I last posted!  I do have a good reason, though.  Hubby and I went on our first summer vacation together!  It was wonderful - we traveled through BC for two weeks.  Now we're back in rainy Alberta.  Sigh.  Orange really brightens my day, however!  So I thought I would share this project that I did this summer with you.  I found my inspiration on, where else, Pinterest.  Here is the link to the post: Puffy Paint Project.  I chose to do mine a bit differently.  We wanted a large painting in our bedroom, and thought it would be nice to have some sort of African sunset.   However, I just knew that whatever I came up with myself would never be good enough for my expectations, so I simplified.  Puffy Paint + Orange Paint = Vibrant African Sunset ;)

I also made a little one that sits on the shelf above our bed.  Elephants are sooo cute :)  What do you guys think?  <3 JEM