Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friendship card

Good Morning!!  This card is in honor of all the friends I'm trying to get in contact with this week - which has been interesting, let me tell you!  I'm also thankful to all our friends who have been so supportive and helpful over the past year.  It really means a lot!  So on to the card!  The blue cardstock is from our wedding photo display and all the other paper is from Michael's.  Most of the ink, stamps, and punches come from Stampin' Up.

Nice little note inside too!  Hope you have a great Canada Day weekend everyone!   We are going to check out the local festivities tomorrow afternoon.  What are your plans? <3 JEM

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ma'am, Your order is ready!

This past week I had my second order - how exciting!!! Here's the batch for your viewing pleasure.  The white and pink cardstock is from Michael's, the blue frame is from a friend, the lace doily from my mom, the black ribbon from my cousin's wedding favors, and the stamp, ink, and pearls are mine.

The gray and white cardstock is from Michael's, the pink gingham from a Precious Moments calendar, the black ribbon from my cousin's wedding favors, the brad from my mom, and the stamps, ink, and punches are mine.

Here's the inside of the card.  The multicolored paper is from my sister.

The cardstock and grass paper is from Michael's, the fence from a friend, and the stamps, ink, punches and sharpie are mine.

The cardstock for this card is all from Michael's, and the punches and fancy brad are mine from Stampin' Up.  The black ribbon is from the wedding favors.

And I saved my favorite for last!  The gray cardstock and crinkly paper are from Michael's, the white paper is from a friend, and the brads, punches, stamps, and pearls are from Stampin' Up.  Which one is your favorite?  <3 JEM

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday Birthday!

Good morning everyone!  Here are a few recent birthday cards that I've made.  This first one is for my Uncle.  The blue cardstock is from our wedding photo display, and the purple from Michael's, and the white from a friend.  The black ribbon is from my cousin's wedding favors (cute little boxes filled with Hershey's kisses - mmm!).  The leaves are from some non-safety approved lights I got as a Christmas gift a few years back.  I used a plaid background stamp from my MIL and the ink, brad, and other stamps are mine.

A view of the inside.  The punch is mine and the greeting is courtesy of my MIL.
I gave this card to my cousin.  When we were in Winnipeg recently, we had a tour of her house and this card reminded me of her decorating scheme.  All the cardstock is from Michael's, the brads are from a friend, and the ribbon is from my mom.  The silver accent piece is actually something I found when we were on a family cruise to Alaska back in 2006!  It *is* a bit heavy..  The stamp and ink are mine.
This card was for my MIL.  The brown cardstock is from our wedding photo display.  The green paper was from my mom, and the quote comes from a friendship calendar I received from a friend back in 2009.  The dragonfly comes from a string of the same I got at Ten Thousand Villages a while back.  The brads are from a friend.
This last card was for a friend.  I used gray cardstock from Michael's, and the pink cardstock, as well as the black ribbon, are from my cousin's wedding invitation and favors.  I used stamps from Stampin' Up and the greeting is from my MIL.  This card was actually a bunch of errors, but it still turned out pretty neat which is great :)  My plans for the weekend are a mile long, but blogging was one of them - so I can check it off the list!  What do you all have planned for this rainy weekend? <3 JEM

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Cards

This past Sunday we had a great time with our dads!  This is the card for my dad.  The wooden fish and blue paper are from a family vacation to Alaska, the brads are from a friend, the cream paper from a friend's wedding invitation, and the brown cardstock is from our wedding photo display.  We played many games of Uno and went for a walk in the park.

This is the card for my hubby's dad.  I used the same brown cardstock, and the green paper is from Michaels, the white from a friend, and the punch and stamp are courtesy Stampin' Up.  We had a great visit and a yummy steak dinner!  What did you do to celebrate with your father?  <3 JEM

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Animal Crackers

These fun cards were the result of a new stamp set!  They are mini size and I love them.  Sooo cute :)  All cardstock is from Michael's, and the ink and stamps courtesy Stampin' Up.  The background stamps are from my MIL.

This one has already been sent out for a young birthday boy!

Hope you enjoyed!  <3 JEM

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Circle Rug

Look at my new rug!  I just finished it last night.  I had been working on it slowly and inconsistently since last November.  The light and dark grey yarn is leftover from an afghan I made for my friend's wedding, and the burgundy was in the lost and found at Capernwray after the Spring Break cleanup.  I can't pass up free yarn!
This is the backside.  I didn't quite follow the pattern in terms of sewing it all together, but the end result is the same and I just wanted people to see what I did.  Instead of crocheting at certain spots on each circle, I cut a long piece of yarn and sewed it all together with a tapestry needle.  MUCH easier - just a few loops at each spot.  I'm going to place this under one of our potted plants.  Hope you have a nice Thursday evening!  <3 JEM