Sunday, April 29, 2012

My First Order!

Sooo, I'm super excited!  I just sent out all these beautiful cards to my first client!  Let's see if you can guess what industry she's in :)  FYI, she also took the card from the post Late Night Fun!  This first card was made from pink cardstock from my mom, the flowered paper is from my hubby, the ink is mine, and the punch and stamps are from Stampin' Up.

On the inside I used some stamps I had, and some flower brads from a friend.

The brown cardstock of this card is from our wedding photo display.  The blue paper is from a scrapbooking pack I got on our cruise to Alaska.  The corner punch is my MILs, and I got the stamps from Scrapbooker's Paradise.

The white cardstock inside is from my friend.

I love the foil on this card.  It's from a paper pad my husband gave me.  The cardstock is from a friend, and the stamps are from Stampin' Up.

I think I'm in love with yellow plaid right now :)  I got this paper from Michael's when they had a super awesome sale going on.  I used grey cardstock (also from Michael's) and the other stuff you already heard about!

On the inside I used an owl punch I got from Stampin' Up (which will now be referred to as SU) with various scrap paper from my hubby, my mom, and a facial cream box.  The stamp is from Scrapbooker's Paradise (now known as SP).

I got the lovely patterned paper from a Kokopelli concert program.  We were supposed to turn them back in to be reused, but I just couldn't resist its loveliness, AND, in all fairness - I definitely reused it!  The brown cardstock is from Michael's, the white from a friend, and the ink and brads from my mom.  The stamp is from SP.

For all those artsy home owners, right?

The prettiness never ends!  This patterned paper is from my husband, the purple cardstock from Michael's, the ribbon from my mom, and the punch and stamps from SU.

I used one of my stamps from SP, and more flower brads from my friend.

White and grey cardstock and yellow polka dot paper is from Michael's, the brads from my mom, and the punches from SU.  I used yellow Sharpie to color in the house.

A card that is so beautiful on its own.  Grey cardstock from Michael's, and patterned paper from my hubby.  Stamp and ink from SU.

The details from this card are pretty much the same as the white and yellow card two cards ago :)

I love this card!  Heck, I love alllll these cards.  They were so fun to make!  The paper here is all from Michael's, the stamps from SP, and the ink and punch from SU.  I used purple Sharpies to color in the kite.

Last one!  A simple card with a picture frame-like embellishment.  The cardstock is from Michael's, the paper from my hubby, and the stamp from SP.  The brad is from my friend, and I don't remember where the embroidery thread is from!  Oh yeah, and the lovely purple Sharpie.

Ooh, and here is the great reveal of my amazing logo!  My talented sister designed it for me.  I emboss this on every card, and it just looks great!  Stay tuned for more fantastic stuff that she is creating for me.  Thanks for hanging in until the end!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend :) JEM

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Birthday Couple

These two cards are for my Aunt and Uncle - their birthday's are two days apart!  This first card is for my Aunt.  The white cardstock is from a friend, and the pink cardstock is from my mom.  I used some Stampin' Up stamps to unify the background with the eye catching piece.  This is actually from an Art & Design school final show program that I went to with my cousin in England back in 2009.  I was fortunately able to use a friend's Big Shot (also Stampin' Up) to press the happy birthday greetings into.  I told my hubby that all I want for Christmas is a Big Shot :)  The black ribbon is from my cousin's wedding invite!

This card is for my uncle (seeing a spring theme here?)  The white cardstock is from a friend and the green is from my mom.  The stamps are Stampin' Up, and the ink and sparkly ribbon are from my mom.

I used a Stampin' Up punch and stamp to spice up the inside of this card - and I did something cool, can you see it?

Surprise!! It's a tri-fold card with a window.  Yep, I'm quite pleased with myself ;)  I hope they like the cards!! <3 JEM

Monday, April 23, 2012

Late Night Fun

This card is a product of late night browsing through the new Stampin' Up catalog!  For some reason I thought it was spelled catalogue?  But the computer tells me I'm wrong.... Hmmmm!  Anyway, after I finished browsing, I just couldn't go to bed with all these "creative juices flowing through me, so off I went to my supplies, and this is what I came up with!  So, the lovely never-ending brown cardstock is from our wedding photo display, the green cardstock, ink, and sparkly cream ribbon are from my mom, and the punch and stamps are from Stampin' Up.

I quite like this inside of this card - it's so festive!  I got the flower punch at Michael's and used the scrap bits as a pretty embellishment.  This card is available if you want it!  <JEM

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Owly Birthday

I made this birthday card for my bro-in-law.  The brown cardstock is yet again from our wedding photo display (I swear this stuff is never going to run out!!), the creamy construction paper from my hubby, the green and gold cardstock from my mom, and sparkly white paper from a friend's wedding invite.  The heart is cut out from a great facial cream box.  The ink is from my mom, and the ribbon, owl punch, and stamp are courtesy of Stampin' Up!

I kept the inside simple so we could write our greetings inside!  <JEM

Monday, April 16, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Card for Danica

I made this thank you card for a colleague at the end of the school year.  I love the details on this but I'm not sure they all worked together the way I wanted to.  The paper doily and gold paper are from my mom, the blue cardstock from our wedding photo display, the brad and owl punch from Stampin' Up, and the pink cardstock from a really cool box I purchased some face cream in!  Any suggestions for improvement?  <3 JEM

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Fools Birthday Cards

But no foolin'!  Both my cousin and her mom have a birthday on April 1st, so I sent these cards off to them - I'm really hoping they got them by now - you can never be sure with the post these days!  Anyway, this card was for my Aunt.  I used blue cardstock from our wedding photo display, white construction paper from my hubby, black ribbon from who knows where, and the ink is from my mom.  The punch and stamps are new products that I purchased from Stampin' Up! :D

Had to just give you a brief peek of the inside!  I forgot to take a picture before I wrote the message so this is all you get!

This card was for my cousin.  The only thing different from the sources above is that the pink velvet cardstock is from my sister.

These were the envelopes I chose for them.

Oh, and isn't this the cutest mailing label ever!  I got some from Vistaprint to put on my calendar envelopes, but these are definitely limited edition.  I've been working with my talented sister to come up with a logo that I can use across all of my work to create better branding.  I've been doing a lot of reading about getting yourself known and cohesiveness across all your signage is a must!  Coming soon!!  Anyway, hope you all had a great Easter.  <3 JEM

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Owl City

Good morning everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter weekend!  I'm so excited about these cute little cards that I couldn't wait to share them with you.  I recently purchased a few punches from Stampin' Up, and I must say that they have added a lot to my work.  I absolutely love owls, so when I saw this punch I knew it was meant to be mine.  So I made 4 mini note cards with blank insides.

The brown and blue cardstock is from our wedding photo display, the pink floral paper is from my sister, and the sparkly creamy paper is from a friend's wedding invitation.  If you are interested in purchasing these or perhaps something like it, just let me know!  <3 JEM