About J.E.M.

When my husband and I first got married, I was off work due to tendinitis issues and we had very little money.  I had a few crafting supplies and so I was making cards for friends instead of purchasing them.  I could only use what I had.

Growing up with parents who are very earth friendly has influenced my environmentally friendly tendencies, and I love to recycle and make something from unwanted items.  I found a few friends willing to donate items, so I started there.  I have slowly been able to add to my arsenal of techniques and tools, which has improved the look of my labors immensely.

I know that each card I create has a story attached, which somehow gives it more value and meaning.


  1. Jane, you are fabulously unique and create wonderful things that are incredibly YOU! Don't you ever worry about that. I'm excited to see what this blog will bring!