Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Scarf

Oh my goodness, it's been a long time since I finished ANYTHING!  Work got busy, so many Christmas concerts, etc., and then we got a kitty (who makes knitting a challenge!).  But, a friend of mine asked me to knit a scarf for her friend for Christmas, and I've gladly obliged!  Anything to keep crafty.  :)

This is a wonderfully soft baby pink scarf, made with the same Charisma yarn from Michaels that I used on my sister's scarf.  Non-itchy is a big hit :)  The scarf is about 4 feet long, and has a border to prevent it from curling in too much.  I just have to block it tonight, and I'll give it to my friend tomorrow!  

And since she's so cute - Sunny!  Merry Christmas everyone!  JEM


  1. I love it!!! thanks so much - although I'm tempted to keep it if it weren't pink. and who doesn't love a cute kitty.