Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stampin' Up Fun!

Today was such a fun day!  I was invited to my first Stampin' Up party, where we each made 4 beautiful cards.  This first card involved embossing ink, making it look like a real doily on the paper.  I love the antique colors of this.  Someday I'd like to get some of the hardware involved to do this myself.

This second card is actually pink, not red, but I did the best I could with color correction.  I love the quote, it just brings me back to the days of watching Little Women.

I just love the colors of this card.  Blue and green are my absolute favs, and using orange with them makes my day.  This card was a bit trickier to make, but it, along with the embossed one, are my personal favorites.

The final card included a really neat machine that textured the paper once we were done stamping.  I also discovered that it looks neat if you use the stamp two or three times before re-inking to get a faded, layered look.  I ended up ordering a few supplies to make my cards a little cooler, and those should hopefully be arriving within 10 days!  Hope you guys like them as much as I do!  <3 JEM

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