Sunday, April 29, 2012

My First Order!

Sooo, I'm super excited!  I just sent out all these beautiful cards to my first client!  Let's see if you can guess what industry she's in :)  FYI, she also took the card from the post Late Night Fun!  This first card was made from pink cardstock from my mom, the flowered paper is from my hubby, the ink is mine, and the punch and stamps are from Stampin' Up.

On the inside I used some stamps I had, and some flower brads from a friend.

The brown cardstock of this card is from our wedding photo display.  The blue paper is from a scrapbooking pack I got on our cruise to Alaska.  The corner punch is my MILs, and I got the stamps from Scrapbooker's Paradise.

The white cardstock inside is from my friend.

I love the foil on this card.  It's from a paper pad my husband gave me.  The cardstock is from a friend, and the stamps are from Stampin' Up.

I think I'm in love with yellow plaid right now :)  I got this paper from Michael's when they had a super awesome sale going on.  I used grey cardstock (also from Michael's) and the other stuff you already heard about!

On the inside I used an owl punch I got from Stampin' Up (which will now be referred to as SU) with various scrap paper from my hubby, my mom, and a facial cream box.  The stamp is from Scrapbooker's Paradise (now known as SP).

I got the lovely patterned paper from a Kokopelli concert program.  We were supposed to turn them back in to be reused, but I just couldn't resist its loveliness, AND, in all fairness - I definitely reused it!  The brown cardstock is from Michael's, the white from a friend, and the ink and brads from my mom.  The stamp is from SP.

For all those artsy home owners, right?

The prettiness never ends!  This patterned paper is from my husband, the purple cardstock from Michael's, the ribbon from my mom, and the punch and stamps from SU.

I used one of my stamps from SP, and more flower brads from my friend.

White and grey cardstock and yellow polka dot paper is from Michael's, the brads from my mom, and the punches from SU.  I used yellow Sharpie to color in the house.

A card that is so beautiful on its own.  Grey cardstock from Michael's, and patterned paper from my hubby.  Stamp and ink from SU.

The details from this card are pretty much the same as the white and yellow card two cards ago :)

I love this card!  Heck, I love alllll these cards.  They were so fun to make!  The paper here is all from Michael's, the stamps from SP, and the ink and punch from SU.  I used purple Sharpies to color in the kite.

Last one!  A simple card with a picture frame-like embellishment.  The cardstock is from Michael's, the paper from my hubby, and the stamp from SP.  The brad is from my friend, and I don't remember where the embroidery thread is from!  Oh yeah, and the lovely purple Sharpie.

Ooh, and here is the great reveal of my amazing logo!  My talented sister designed it for me.  I emboss this on every card, and it just looks great!  Stay tuned for more fantastic stuff that she is creating for me.  Thanks for hanging in until the end!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend :) JEM

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