Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stampin Up Card Club Creations

Hey!  Just wanted to share the latest cards we made at Stamp Club this month.  This first card uses a technique that I can't wait to start exploring with different shapes.  You punch out a translucent window sheet, lay it on your card, and ink up with your dauber!  Such a cool idea.  You can do this with anything - butterfly punches, squares, etc.  The circle punch works with a bunch of stuff like bubbles, balloons.. you name it!

On this second card we used stamp wheels (I can't remember the right name at the moment!) for the blue plaid on the bottom.  I was really glad to try this out, because I'm thinking of purchasing some wheels pretty soon!

And this last creation we made at our pickup night.  It unfolds to hold a sticky notepad!  You could use this for so many occasions like Christmas, Halloween, thank you gifts, etc.  LOVE it!  <3 JEM

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