Monday, November 18, 2013

Tea Party Invites

Hello my friends!  I have a rare evening off to get caught up on some things, and I thought I would share the invites I made for my upcoming tea party this Friday.  I've never hosted anything like this before - and I'm excited!  I felt that I should make the invites myself instead of going with the standard Facebook thing, as it seems like people are more likely to not show up when it's not as personal.  I guess I have the added bonus that people want to see our new house!  I made these to look like tea bags.  I used various grey and white card stock scraps that I could find (I didn't have as much gray as I thought!),  and all the stamps are Stampin' Up except for the lettering.  The string is from my sister (I think), and the glitter is from a friend.  I decided to make them a bit grungy as I didn't really like how they were turning out.  Grunge makes all the difference!  Hope you like!  <3 JEM

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  1. These were awesome! Oma sure liked it too and the party was fun!