Monday, August 29, 2011

SnapPea Hat

Hello!  I am a really cool fuzzy green hat!  I am going to be worn by S.  JEM finished knitting me in her new condo!  She has a STARS band-aid on her finger because she cut it on a sharp knife.  Ow!

This hat actually has a really cool story.  Back in 2009, my friend S knitted a cowl for me out of the same yarn as this hat.  In return, I was to knit her something.  Well, 2 years later I have completed the task - and it's a good thing I didn't do this 2 years ago because my knitting skills weren't this advanced yet.

The story gets even better though!  With 5 rows left to go in the hat, I ran out of yarn.  And this is not just any yarn that you can get at your local Michaels or Zellers!  I got this Mirasol Sulka yarn on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC.  Plus it is hand dyed so the dye lots are never the same.  How in the world was I going to find the same kind of yarn that I purchased 2 years ago?  Enter On a whim, I decided to see if anyone out there in the great wide web would have the yarn.  And someone did!  This wonderful lady from Ohio shipped out the remaining yarn I needed, and in return I swapped some of this same yarn, only in a different color.  THANK YOU!!

So I finished the hat last night, and have only to mail it out to its owner.  I really hope she likes it!  I do - I want to make one for myself now!!  But this time I will make sure I have enough yarn... o_0  JEM


  1. Hola! Hace unos dias soy Miembro de este blog. Realmente el gorro (hat) es muy lindo, el color me gusta. Pero yo no soy buena con el tejido. Ja Ja. Pronto vuelvo a visitar tu blog. Que Dios te bendiga! Un abrazo, Celeste.