Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nicole's Birthday Card

We has the internets again!!  YAE!  We haven't had internet service for well over a week, and man it's true - you don't know what you've got til it's gone!  Aaaanyway, here's my latest card: I love it!  My favorite thing about this card is the corner punch, courtesy of MIL.  It's so simple, yet it does so much!  The main body of the card is still from my wedding invites, the red paper and blue ink from my mom's stash,  the gold paper recycled from my friend's wedding invite, the white paper from a friend's stash, and the stamps are mine.  The cutco scissors gracing three of these pictures - also mine ;)

Once again spicing up the inside of the card is the corner punch.  I put red paper behind each so they would really stand out.  The source of the materials on the front of the card are the same throughout.  I think I  need to get more creative with some of the messages though - it was hard to come up with something!

I think my favorite part of this panel is the candle stamp.  I'd never used it before and thought it would spice up the inside, and I think it balances everything out.

I used a special gold gem from my friend's wedding invite to match the colors of the rest of the card.  What do you guys think?  Love, JEM


  1. Thanks, Sheila! I liked reading your letting go post the other day.. reminds me of my experience at Capes!

  2. Like it too :) Simple messages are nice :)