Thursday, June 7, 2012

Circle Rug

Look at my new rug!  I just finished it last night.  I had been working on it slowly and inconsistently since last November.  The light and dark grey yarn is leftover from an afghan I made for my friend's wedding, and the burgundy was in the lost and found at Capernwray after the Spring Break cleanup.  I can't pass up free yarn!
This is the backside.  I didn't quite follow the pattern in terms of sewing it all together, but the end result is the same and I just wanted people to see what I did.  Instead of crocheting at certain spots on each circle, I cut a long piece of yarn and sewed it all together with a tapestry needle.  MUCH easier - just a few loops at each spot.  I'm going to place this under one of our potted plants.  Hope you have a nice Thursday evening!  <3 JEM

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