Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday Birthday!

Good morning everyone!  Here are a few recent birthday cards that I've made.  This first one is for my Uncle.  The blue cardstock is from our wedding photo display, and the purple from Michael's, and the white from a friend.  The black ribbon is from my cousin's wedding favors (cute little boxes filled with Hershey's kisses - mmm!).  The leaves are from some non-safety approved lights I got as a Christmas gift a few years back.  I used a plaid background stamp from my MIL and the ink, brad, and other stamps are mine.

A view of the inside.  The punch is mine and the greeting is courtesy of my MIL.
I gave this card to my cousin.  When we were in Winnipeg recently, we had a tour of her house and this card reminded me of her decorating scheme.  All the cardstock is from Michael's, the brads are from a friend, and the ribbon is from my mom.  The silver accent piece is actually something I found when we were on a family cruise to Alaska back in 2006!  It *is* a bit heavy..  The stamp and ink are mine.
This card was for my MIL.  The brown cardstock is from our wedding photo display.  The green paper was from my mom, and the quote comes from a friendship calendar I received from a friend back in 2009.  The dragonfly comes from a string of the same I got at Ten Thousand Villages a while back.  The brads are from a friend.
This last card was for a friend.  I used gray cardstock from Michael's, and the pink cardstock, as well as the black ribbon, are from my cousin's wedding invitation and favors.  I used stamps from Stampin' Up and the greeting is from my MIL.  This card was actually a bunch of errors, but it still turned out pretty neat which is great :)  My plans for the weekend are a mile long, but blogging was one of them - so I can check it off the list!  What do you all have planned for this rainy weekend? <3 JEM

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  1. Love them all! Dad is busy packing for his big hike next weekend. We washed both cars too! And after seeing Opa we cycled home in the rain!