Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Love Cards

Love is in the air!  Lol so many weddings and babies lately...  And I must say, babies are sooo fun to place with and watch.  So here's three cards for you.  These first two are actually recycled cards from some cards I made, oh, 10 years ago?  They were a bit more rectangular and did have the embossed love on them, but to me they were just lacking a little something.  So I cropped the edges and added these white flowers from a friend, added some beads from my sister, and some ribbon from my mom.  Much better!
I like this card a lot!  I used a dragonfly from a string I bought from Ten Thousand Villages a few years back.  The ink is from my mom, the flower stamps are from Stampin' Up and the love stamp was mine.  How are you handling the heat lately?  I've been resorting to lots of ice cream - no AC in the condo!!  Last night we were roughly shaken from a sound sleep by a fire truck horn in our parking lot.  But the lights and vehicle weren't even on - there was just a fire truck in the parking lot.  Didn't really seem like an emergency of any sort.  So needless to say, we had trouble getting back to sleep after that!  I kept having crazy dreams about crazy men crawling up to our window and cutting down plants with machetes!  I had to leave work early today to take a nap.  I definitely had no brain power....  So here's hoping to a better sleep tonight! <3 JEM

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