Friday, August 31, 2012


Hello everyone!  Happy Long Weekend to you!  We recently passed the one year mark in our place, and felt that we needed to make a better effort at getting to know our neighbours.  So of course I found it necessary to make cute little invitations with our contact information when we went to meet people.  The blue and darker cream cardstock is from Michael's, the lighter cream is from notebook dividers I had.  The ribbon is from my mom, the animal stamps and ink from Stampin' Up and the lettering is from Michael's.

I cleverly concealed the end of the ribbon with one of my labels (with some shameless advertising, of course!).  So far we have had our neighbour across the hall for a visit, and we are looking forward to getting to know the rest!  I still remember when we first moved to this town and our neighbour brought over a handmade card and cookies - it really meant a lot.  I'm hoping to spread that love and hospitality around :)  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  <3 JEM

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