Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 Days of Christmas Cards - Day 4

I love the front of this card!  I'm pretty sure I got it from my Sister and I think it's so cute.  Plus, the fuzzy snowman is just so cool!  I embellished it with 2 3D stickers from Michael's.

For the body of the card, I used cardstock from the cover of my Capernwray programme handbook.  I incorporated the binding holes for some interesting detail, and added another 3D sticker from Michael's.

The last page of the card has yet another sticker, and some shiny blue paper from my Alaska scrapbooking kit.  I also used this paper behind the binding holes to tie it together.  Feliz was made using my MIL's spice jar label stickers, and I placed it all on a white bridal registry card :)  See you tomorrow for my final and favorite Christmas card!  JEM

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