Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trio of Birthday Cards

Well, it's been a while since I had time to make cards, and this past Thursday I had a trio of birthdays that needed cards, so I had to work fast.  This first card is for my Oma.  This is actually the front of a card that I had received one year myself.  I used a music note punch down the sides for fun.
This is the back of the card.  The leopard print paper is a recycled bag, and the ribbon was from a gift box that I saved.  I fastened it in place with several grommets.  I used stamps for the birthday message.  I hope she likes it!!
This next card is for my best friend, Anne.  This is actually a business card - a very large business card - that I picked up at a art and design show in England.

I covered up the girl's contact information with some textured purple paper from my Mom, and used a quote from a friendship calendar from a friend.  This quote was on January 12th, so I knew it was meant to be!  The happy birthday lettering is actually stickers for spice jars I got from my MIL!  The brads holding the leaf down were from my Mom, but I don't know where I actually got the leaf from.  The creamy paper is from a friend's wedding invite and I used my edger punch on the purple paper to fancy it up a bit.
This last card was for my Uncle.  It's a bit amusing to me that the card I recycled is actually once HIS mother sent to me for my birthday.  Gotta keep it in the family, right?  Anyway, I used my corner punch on the top of this cuz it reminded me of bubbles.

The paper on the back of the card is a combination of the back of the birthday card that I cut out, and stuff I recycled from my friend's wedding invitation.  The green bow was from a starbucks gift card I received many years ago (I think), and I used my bronze marker from our wedding guest book for the message.  I have 3 more cards to make this weekend, so be sure to check back soon for some more!  <3, JEM


  1. The one you picked out at an art show in England - I thought I'd seen that pattern before, then read the caption!