Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5 Days of Christmas Cards - Day 5

Thanks for checking out my 5 Days of Christmas Cards!  This is probably my favorite card of the bunch, so that's why I saved it for last.  The body of this card is a Lifetouch grad photo holder from my Mom.  I don't know where the recycled Christmas card is from though.  I used some red ribbon across the top to fancy it up, and some foam stickers from Michael's (the Santa and tree ornaments).

For the inside of the card, I slid some nice cardstock (from a makeup invitation from the Bay!!) into the photo slot.  I used some more red ribbon on the top and bottom to unify it with the front of the card.  Then I used the rest of the foam stickers from Michael's.  I really love using those Lifetouch grad photo holders - I think they make the card look more professional.  Well, I hope you liked all these cards!  See you soon!  JEM

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