Friday, September 30, 2011

Anniversary Card 2011

Probably one of my most creative cards to date.  Hubby gets the credit for the poem (well, I made it gerbers cuz I don't have any violets to attach!).  The main body of the card is actually a recycled grad photo display from my mom!  The white paper and flower are from a friend's stash, and all other paper is recycled from a friend's wedding invite.  The letter stamps are mine, and the flower stamp and metal accent are my MIL's.

Hehehe!  I slid in white paper where the picture usually goes.  I'm feeling pretty creative at this point!  I even put wedding rings on the frogs...  The letter stamps once again are mine, and the frogs and grommets are from the MIL.

The grommets come through the back of the card, but I don't feel like covering them up.  The card is pretty thick, so they didn't really flatten out like normal, but I think they will stay in.  Enjoy!  <3 Jem