Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dad's Birthday Card

Here's my Dad's birthday card this year!  I made it manly using some wildlife. :)  The cardstock is from a card I had made previously but had never used.  The white paper is from a friend's stash, and the stamps, colors, and cutouts on the edge are from my MIL.

The stamps inside are from my MIL, the grommets are from my mother, and the white paper is from my friend.  My husband said now all it needs is a gun... Yeah, right ;)

I decided I didn't want the grommets to come all the way through, as I didn't feel like covering the back of the card.  Hopefully they won't pop up the paper on the inside of the card.   Until next time, Jem :)


  1. Es muy linda y muy masculina la tarjeta de tu papá. Está muy bonita, but ... NO GUN. :) Admiro tu trabajo. Un abrazo. Bendiciones de Dios para ti y tu familia.