Monday, September 19, 2011

Mom's Birthday Card

This is my Mom's birthday card!  I'm super excited about this card because I got to raid my MIL's stash while we were staying at my in-laws house.  The photo of mom and daughter (awww!), the green paper, and the ribbon were from my mom.  The stamps are mine, the brown card is leftover from our wedding invites and the metal buckle and punch I used to beautify the picture are from my MIL.

On the inside, the stamps again are mine.  The metal clips and punch are my MIL's, the green paper and grommets are from my mom, and the ivory paper is recycled from a friend's wedding invite!

On the back, I covered up the grommet marks and the end of the ribbon with some more paper from my mom's stash, and put my logo on the back.  I feel so lucky to be able to experiment with stuff from other people's stashes - I had so much fun making my Dad's birthday card - which you will see tomorrow!! JEM

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