Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cassandra's Birthday Card

September 28th is my friend Cassandra's birthday!  I had a friendship calendar from a friend and I thought the quote for today was perfect for what I was feeling.  It's been a while since Cassandra and I have spent time together and I hope that will change soon!  For her card, the white cardstock is from my friend Beth, the calendar page is from Lisa, the brown paper is from my mom, and the edger punch is mine.

I love the feel of this card - kind of earthy and pretty!  The white cardstock and brads are from Beth, the brown paper from my mom, the sparkly cream paper is recycled from a friend's wedding invitation, and the stamp and edger punch are mine.  The ink is from my mom.

Does anybody have ideas for covering up brads on the back of cards?  I'm not a huge fan of the bulge covering with paper creates...  <3 JEM


  1. Love it :) A suggestion may be using sticky circles that come in different colors?

  2. Do you mean using the circles as a replacement for the brads, or using the stickers to cover up the brads on the back of the card?

  3. The circles could cover up the brads, although I do think it looks fine when the brads are left as they are. You can get the circles at an office store.