Saturday, February 18, 2012

29 Days of Organizing: Week 2

Week 2 of Org Junkie's Organizing Challenge is complete!  And the house is a MESS! lol.  This is our living room, where I am busy condensing my 5000 randomly sized photo albums into a set.  This picture was from last night - thankfully I finished the job and have cleaned up this area!  Hi Sunny!

The hallway is full of boxes.  Three of them are giveaway stuff, and one is garbage items.  I've managed to recycle a lot of paper too!  The biggest project is going to be shredding all my journals.  I don't want to just throw them out for fear of someone exploiting my life :D.  I kept my very first one - it's just precious.  I managed to condense my TUB (the large plastic bin in this picture) of "memories" into a small shoebox.  Really, why was I holding onto pop cans from my Grade 8 exchange to Japan?  I know.  The purge pile keeps growing as I organize things, too.  I figure if I haven't done a certain art/craft in 10 years, I'm probably not going to pick it up again soon.  I've decided to stick with knitting/crocheting, card making, and music.

This is one of the major purchases for the week - my card making supply cart.  I'm so excited about this thing!  It has wheels and holds pretty much everything I use for making cards.  I do wish I was about 2 shelves higher but we searched all over town and this was the biggest so it will have to do.  I labeled every drawer with an appropriate heading.

I also organized my portfolio this week, which left me with an empty bin.  I discovered that this empty bin holds my entire stash of yarn - yay!  We also bought a 3 piece sectional desk, which arrived yesterday.  Today we will finish setting it up and see what else we have to do.  Unfortunately we are not able to rotate it the way we thought we would, so we're going to have to decide how to change the room around so it doesn't look crowded.  I wish the room wasn't so awkwardly designed sometimes.  The outside wall has a large window, the living room wall has three large windows, the door side of the wall has a closet, which leaves us with the bedroom wall untainted.  I don't think this room was planned out very well.  But we will make it work!  Anyway, I'm off to go to the spa with my sister!  Happy Saturday everyone :)  JEM

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