Monday, February 20, 2012

Needles, Hooks, and Cords

One of my many projects this weekend was creating holders for my knitting needles, crochet hooks, and circular needles.  Previously they had been in a bag with all my patterns, but it was so messy, and with our office getting overhauled, I knew it was time to organize the needles.  This is what the knitting needle holder looks like tied up.

This is the knitting needle holder opened.  The leopard print fabric is actually from a sheet set I used for years until I got married and didn't need a twin bed anymore.  As you can see, I don't actually have very many needles.  I had a TON from my Oma, but when my tendonitis became chronic I gave up knitting and got rid of all I had.  Maybe not the greatest idea, in hindsight.  So anyway, I have kept the left side of the pouch unsewn so that as I add needles to my collection, I can make appropriate sized slots for them.  This pattern was one I modified slightly from

Here is the crochet hook holder.  It is similar to the one for the knitting needles.

Man, I sure don't have very many crochet hooks, do I?

This is the pouch I made for the circular needles and other extras, such as my cable needle.  It's a drawstring bag, lined with the leopard print sheets to make it all a set.

I made the bag big enough to keep the circular needles in their packages, as I need to know the size and length and obviously I can't remember everything!  Hope you like them :)  JEM

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