Saturday, February 4, 2012

Business Card Contest Winner Card

I can't believe it took me so long to make this card - but when I see the results, I'm so glad I waited until I felt inspired.  This has to be my favorite card yet.  I'm kind of sad to give it away, but it is going to a very patient old friend of mine who definitely deserves it!  So, the details.  The bird and hillish looking paper is actually from a hallmark bag I got from my Mom one night - it's perfect!  I had wanted to do something with these feathers (which I recycled from some non-CSA approved Christmas lights), and this was the perfect touch.  I secured the feathers on with a bunch of brads, trying to keep it in some sort of artistic pattern.  I also used a circle punch from my friend on the white background paper so that I could have some "sky" and still keep with the theme.

On the back of the card I used the top part of the hallmark bag, fancied it up with some brads, stuck a bird sticker on from our wedding favors, and stamped on the chirp with some onyx ink.  What do you think?  <3 JEM

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