Sunday, February 12, 2012

Opa's 86th Birthday Card

Friday was my Opa's 86th birthday so we went to visit him and had birthday cake together!  I don't remember where I got the front of this card from, but I thought it was cute.  I used some brown cardstock from our wedding photo display, and my edger punch for decoration.  Isn't that gold pretty?

As you can see, I've *artfully* placed gold paper behind where the edger punch shows though, so that the flowers are gold on the front of the card.  The gold paper is from my Mom.  The white card is some blank business card paper we found in our filing cabinet while doing some junk purging for Org Junkie's Organizing Challenge. The stamps and bronze pen are mine.

As always, an original JEM creation.

Here's the envelope I gave Opa the card in - some crocuses peeking up through the snow.   He liked it!

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