Saturday, February 25, 2012

29 Days of Organizing: Week 3

Week 3 is complete and there are only 4 more days until the Organizing Challenge is complete!  Here are a few of the massive changes we made this week.  Thursday night we mounted our guitars on the wall.  Hubby's guitar was in a Styrofoam case and the cat kept scratching it, so we knew we needed another method of storage.  Plus our floor space is valuable so we decided to go with the wall.  I think it looks great!  We accidently mounted the triangle base upside down on the first one, so we've got a wall anchor hole to patch this weekend!

The much condensed music shelf.  Not entirely happy with this yet.  My hubby is taking a course and he needs his books out and available but I just don't like the way this looks yet.  Any suggestions?  Bins on the top??

The new (and already kitty-printed) computer/work desk.  This is AWESOME!  We have so much work space and it actually makes the room look wider!  We are still waiting on the company to send us 3 screws, however.  We were short and so we can't put the handle on the 2nd drawer at the moment.  Of course they are a custom size you can't get at Canadian Tire :s

The closet.  Top shelf is hubby's school books, which will eventually go with him when he gets a permanent teaching position.  The rest has been super downsized.  Take a look at our purge piles below!

Two boxes of stuff to give away and one full of trash.  How did I even get that much stuff???

My custom decorated desk is out as well.  It was too small for what we needed and the color wasn't so great in the room.

And the hutch is going back to its original owner.  When you get married you have all this stuff and when it's combined sometimes it just doesn't work so well in the space.  See you soon for the final "reveal"! JEM

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